Our Product


A complete solution for portfolio management


  • Asset Allocation: Generate reports for portfolio realignment transactions and use security type, asset class, industry, sector or individual securities.
  • Client Billing: Allows you to create flat, performance and minimum fees, with unlimited tiers. You can bill for individual or group accounts and exclude assets from billing calculations.
  • Client Accounts: Create unlimited clients, accounts, groups and contacts. View client name, account number, type and inception date fr
  • om main screen.
  • Compliance Solutions: Access to a suite of audit-ready reports developed with state and federal experts. Rapidly retrieve records while auditors are waiting.
  • Data Management & Custodial Interfaces: Easily access and process data from multiple custodial platforms. You can also speed manual data entry by using pre-formatted Excel spreadsheets.
  • Data Scalability & Security: Benefit from secure and scalable solutions. Assign logins, passwords and permissions for maximum security according to your needs.
  • Data Viewing & User Interface: Power Advisor was built with an intuitive user interface to quickly view client holdings from the main screen. Advanced filtering and sorting capabilities gives you extensive access to all your data.
  • Prices: Get free capture of equity prices through Yahoo! Finance and historical price graphs for individual securities.
  • Reporting: Generate reports, including batch processing with multiple output options, for compliance, performance, holdings, transactions and management. View reports from anywhere using our browser-based technology.
  • Securities & Benchmarks: Power Advisor gives you unlimited security types, asset classes, industries, sectors and indices. But you can also create indices and index blends or input pre-loaded categories for industries and sectors.
  • Tax Lot Accounting/Matching Methods: Power Advisor works with FIFO, LIFO, High Cost, Low Cost and Specified Lots. Create standard & double category average cost for funds.