Meet the Team



Andrew KehoeAndrew Kehoe


As CEO and a long-standing employee, Andrew has been working with PowerAdvisor since April 2006. He was originally hired as an Account Manager and worked his way up in the company. Andrew is committed to making PowerAdvisor what it always should have been – an effective, easy-to-use practice management system for financial professionals. Andrew spends most of his free time hiking with his family and playing basketball.


Daniel AndersonDaniel Anderson

Marketing Director

Daniel originally started out in client services. He quickly showed his talent for being able to work with a variety of clients to help achieve their goals. He now manages back office services for many of our clients and, with his wealth of experience in both sections of the company, Daniel is now our marketing director. In his free time, Daniel takes vocal classes and has been a huge supporter of the farm-to-table movement.



Anthony HicksAnthony Hicks

Client Services Director

Anthony has been committed to our client services department since he started working with PowerAdvisor. He works with many of our clients in back office services and general client support. If you need help with something, he is your guy. A former Navy man, Anthony is in two bands and enjoys producing music.